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Which kind of material is used ?

All items are realized using AISI 304 steel. It is a stainless steel, austenitic, nonmagnetic, with high resistance to corrosion, composed by a content of chromium between 18% and 20% and nickel between 8% and 11%. A density of 7.9 kg/dm3. All parts are joined-assembled through TIG welding by fusion without material filling. Its technical characteristics permits an infinite durability and it can be placed indoors or outdoors.

How to clean the external?

Using specific products for steel, like those to clean cooking hobs in steel. Do not use brillo pads or materials that can scratch the surface. Better a soft cloth or a non-abrasive sponge.

How to assemble a 6-faucets tower?

In the kit purchased you will find the following steel components:

1 counterplate with same diameter of the column-base, 5mm thk. with through-hole in the middle + 2 Ø 10mm through-holes at the end

2 threaded tie-rods M10 L. 100 mm

2 blind nuts M10 to be screwed on the top external part with a 17mm wrench

2 normal M10 nuts to be screwed on the bottom part with a 17mm wrench

4 washers Ø10 hole

The kit, as assembled, guarantees stability and security if the of the anchoring of the tall column

Is there any advantage with the tapping of the beer?

Sure, the Muraiew systems are defined and realized to avoid 90 degrees angles during the path of the beer. The use of smooth curves permits a regular flow of the drink, making cleaning and maintenance operations easier as well.

Do I get a better refrigeration of the beer?

Absolutely, we work much on this during the design.

  • Every single tube of the beer is accompanied by a cooling pipe along all path, till 1 cm from the tap. Both tubes, of the beer and the cooling one, are enclosed inside an anti-condensation insulation along the path, to avoid an external dripping.
  • The 2 mm-thickness of the material allows to keep the beer cool even after 24 hours from the switch off of the fridge, considering that at the base of a 6-way tower, THE BUNDLE, where all tubes coming from each faucet are grouped and ready to be connected to THE MAIN CONDUIT, puts together 6 beer tubes + 12 refrigeration tubes (12 because they’re in and out) creating a pre-cooler on the base of the column. This permits to use the fridge less so an energy and cost saving (the temperature of the return-water is always low).
  • The Muraiew tower permits to tap for hours with the faucet always turned on, without loosing the freshness of the product.
Which material is used inside the column?

BEER TUBE: 5/8″ plastic shaft, 5.4X8mm shank, length 1500MM

WATER TUBE: black plastic recirculating piping Ø 8 for column length 2000mm

ANTI-CONDENSATION INSULATION: MEMBRANE 6 X 14/46MM one-way, length 20000mm

Which kind of tap can I mount?

The connection bushing of the taps has a predisposition with a 5/8″ thread, which can be reduced to 1/2″, including a reducer, easily to find on the market.

When I receive the tower, what should I do or add?

The taps are missing, since they are a personal choice. All towers are assembled and completed with beer tubes, water tubes, anti-condensation insulation (see sample pictures). As completed the assembling, through the inlet of compressed air to 10 bar, it’s made a test to verify that all tubes are empty and ready to for the water and beer flow. As the tower is fixed (screws in the kit) you need to screw the faucets and connect all tubes to the system (from the base the tubes are 1 m long). This solution allows a fast and easy installation.

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