From the idea to offer a unique element and amazing design to owners of pubs, bars and clubs. The Muraiew beer towers are handmade, using original components from automotive exhaust pipes. These stainless-steel pipes are skillfully cut and welded with extreme competence, giving life to the beer draught beer systems you can see in these pages.

We are sure our taps won’t go unnoticed. In fact, they are often object of questions and curiosity by the guests, because they give the definite mark to the style of your pub.
We have stories of how the customers, only seeing where the beer comes from, they are already satisfied, because that’s not the usual monotonous and boring tap. Here we are talking about tailpipes, noise, smell of gasoline, flames… the style of 10 ft. American trucks, hyper-custom Harleys, jackets full of patches, old worn boots.

Beyond the aesthetic taste, we worked also on the comfortable functionality of our faucets, to allow energy saving and fresh draught beer, from the first to the last drop

Moreover, we supply the draft system preassembled. This means you get it installed in one or two hours, and you’re ready to go.

Some applications need the use of an external fitting, supplied on request and always customized. This permits to the piping system (beer and water pipes, anti-condensation sealing of the main conduit) to reach the external part of the bar. So, the output system can be easily enclosed into the right shape of the bar.

Finally, the faucets you can see in the website are almost all ready for delivery. Shipped in 6-8 days all over the world. The items not available, like the custom ones for your needs, require about one month to be produced and shipped.

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The Twister is a piece of furniture for any use, thought and created to satisfy different needs, adjustable for any domestic or commercial use
Practically everlasting, realized with solid steel rods, can be used in countless scenarios.

While for its use at home with many purposes (plant holder, base for the candle, handy hairdryer or straightener holder, bowl lift for your four-legged friend, brush holder, etc.) for your business it can be a holder for breadsticks, wine, serviettes or menu with QR code. You’ll find the Twister in many different sizes. Its only limit is your imagination!

In the chromed finishing is suitable for both the internal and external use, with no worries for the weather. The burnished version is for indoors only.

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