MURAIEW was born in Turin in 2013 and then moved in 2014 to Tombolo, in the province of Padua, a short walk from the well-known walled town of Cittadella.
What distinguished us is the passion for steel-manufacturing, that over the years permitted us to define our style, with the design and creation of theme displays and dispensers for draught drinks.

Particolare acciaio saldato spillatore


All our articles are the result of a unique work, completely hand made. Custom-made based on preferences and needs of the customer or the context in which in twill be placed, following the exclusive Muraiew style.

Every article of ours is accurately designed in every detail, according to the state-of-the-art of the historic artisan workshops.

  • Unique items
  • Custom design
  • Endless possibilities
  • Energy saving
  • Simple application
  • Guaranteed compatibility
  • Accessories on request
  • Shipping worldwide

Some numbers

25+Years of experience
50+Beer taps in the world
200+Meters of tube
99KLiters of beer


What our customers say

Officine Analfabeta

With the Muraiew beer faucet, our pub has a distinctive personality, the quintessence of the stylistic development we choose for our place.
Come to see it in person! ?


Beyond the visual impact, the Muraiew faucet permitted to solve the problem we had with standard taps.
It’s a real piece of art.

Barkely pub
Blarney Stone

My pub is full of themed items, but the Muraiew beer tower is the most appreciated by our regulars.
A true masterpiece from Italy. I’m very happy!